Why try Contact Lenses?

  • Look and feel great as an alternative to glasses
  • Enjoy a full field of vision
  • Great for sports
  • Wear them every day or just occasionally
  • Choose from a wide range of non-prescription sunglasses

Modern contact lenses cater for most prescriptions. Lots of people who were previously told they could not wear contact lenses, due to high or complicated prescriptions or astigmatism, now have options available to them through extended ranges. This also includes multifocal contact lenses, a great option for those who wear varifocal glasses.

We have fitted children as young as eight with contact lenses, and have patients in their seventies still wearing lenses. There is no ideal age for contact lenses; they’re suitable for nearly all spectacle wearers.

Contact Lenses

We also supply gas permeable contact lenses, in all kinds of corrections including for astigmatism and for varifocal spectacle wearers.

Contact Lenses Benefits

Contact Lens Care at Brown and Wenman Eyecare

When you start wearing contact lenses with us, you will join our Contact Lens Scheme.

The benefits to you are:

  • Total eye care including all contact lens checks and your eye examination
  • Trial lenses are included
  • Discounts on your contact lenses
  • Replacements for ripped or torn contact lenses
  • Discounts on solutions
  • 25% discount on glasses
  • 25% discount on prescription sunglasses

Why not spread the cost by joining our monthly standing order scheme?

  • Fixed monthly payments spread the cost over the year
  • Payments include the scheme fee and your contact lenses for the year
  • Solutions can also be added for a small supplement