Brown and Wenman

Our History

Mr Brown first founded the practice in 1951. He had multiple branches across the area, including Woburn Sands and Dunstable’s Town Hall Chambers. An innovative man, well ahead of his time, Mr Brown was pioneering in his contact lens work in those early days, as well as training many young optometry students.

Mr Wenman joined Mr Brown in the 1970s, also working at that time in the Luton and Dunstable Hospital Eye Department as an optometrist. With combined strong work ethic and fantastic skill set, Mr Brown and Mr Wenman became partners in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s, at which point they moved to the Albion Street practice, our home today.

The Practice Now

Mr Brown having sold to Mr Wenman many years previously, Mr Wenman sold the practice before his sad passing in December 2016. Mr Hemani, the current owner, is very keen to keep the same ethos and feel to the practice; one of family values, personalised and professional treatment to all the individuals who visit us. The team all strive for perfection of service – taking time to really know you and your needs.

Why Chose Brown and Wenman?

The team here are truly dedicated to the practice and we demand a high standard of ourselves. We pass that onto our customers in the way we handle your individual experience by treating you as just that – an individual.

We won’t rush you, at any stage of your customer experience. We won’t pressure you or hard sell. We give honest advice based around your needs and requirements. We want you to look, see and feel your best.

When you know that we have; customers who have been coming for 50 or 60 years; customers who travel for a couple of hours each time they visit; customers who live abroad in Africa, South America and Europe, who make special trips to visit us… we think you get the idea!

Our Aim – Quality and Service at Competitive Prices

Dr Rajeshwari Sagar


Raju started with the practice in 2019. She is second-to-none in her knowledge, and has a calm and relaxing manner which really puts people at ease. Qualified in 1982, Dr Sagar had her own practice for 17 years before coming to us. She has trained countless young optometrists, as well as being instrumental in chairing and working for various optical boards around the world. She is an absolute asset to the practice, and in many ways very reminiscent of both Mr Brown and Mr Wenman’s style of eye examinations, brought bang up-to-date.



Optical Advisor

Karen has been with the practice since 2014, with many years of experience. Karen is always striving for the best optical solution for a patient, in whatever form that takes, taking the time to ensure the lenses you take home best suit your needs.


Optical Advisor

Becky started working at the practice in 2017 as maternity cover and we never let her leave! Our resident social media expert, Becky loves high end looks and is a real stickler for well-fitted glasses.


Optical Advisor

Anna started in the practice in 2019 and has quickly become a crucial member of the team. Anna is very technical in her approach to lenses, and has a vast database of technical information embedded in her brain, including about high end lenses such as Zeiss.

Services We Offer

Eye Health

There are a number of ways you can take care of your eyes. We only get one set and it is vital that we treat them well.

Children's Eye Health

Wearing spectacles will not make your child’s eyes worse. Their prescription is dictated by the internal size and shape of the eye – glasses will not change this.

Driving and Vision

If you have been told by your optometrist to wear glasses for driving, you must wear them every time you drive – even on short trips when you know the roads.

OCT Screening

OCT Screening

OCT is a new, completely painless and advanced imaging system that checks for potentially serious conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, vitreous detachments and more.