Essilor Varilux X Series



It's no longer prudent to simply order the same type of lenses you previously wore. There have been excellent improvements in lens materials and designs, many of which may not have existed a year or two ago.

Your lenses are the most important part of improving your vision so your Lenses should match the quality of our Eye Examination and Service.

At Brown and Wenman Eyecare we will always offer the best quality lenses for your eyes and your lifestyle. If the best quality lenses are out of your price range, we can always offer good alternatives that will suit your budget.


Lens Types

Single Vision Lenses
These lenses are used to correct a single aspect of your vision. Single Vision Lenses can be for Distance, Reading or Intermediate Vision {VDU}.

Bifocal Lenses
Bifocal Lenses can correct two parts of your vision in one lens. For example, Distance vision through the top part of the lens and Reading through the bottom part of the lens.

Bifocals come in all different designs, so it’s best to talk to us about which type you feel would suit you.

Varifocal Lenses
Varifocal Lenses or Progressive Lenses provide all the benefits of bifocals but add the feature of continuous clear vision at all distances, including mid-range distance (arm's length). Progressives have the cosmetic advantage of appearing to be single vision lenses so they never reveal the user wears bifocals. Please note better quality lenses will enhance your experience of wearing Varifocals giving you a wider field of vision and a more stable and balanced feel.

Occupational Lenses
Many occupations impose demanding visual requirements on those who wear bifocals  Special occupational designs are available to solve these special needs. If the visual requirements of  your job falls into this category, let us know and we'll explain what will work best for your individual needs.

Computer Lenses
Computer Lenses are for anyone that uses a computer, they will give you an extremely wide area for mid and near distances, giving you full coverage of both the keyboard and screen. Computer lenses allow less head movements, better posture and greatly relieve eye strain and fatigue associated with computer use.

Polarising Lenses: A complete sunwear solution!

For Driving
Polarising lenses offer increased safety. They eliminate the glare produced by reflections on wet road surfaces, dashboards and other cars.

For Sports
Particularly useful for water sports (such as sailing and fishing) and winter sports, whenever the eyes are under constant stress from the sunlight reflected by flat surfaces (water, snow and ice).

For Greater Comfort
In both summer and winter, wearers can rediscover the pleasure of better vision under all circumstances with Essilor's Xperio Polarised lenses. Colours appear more vibrant and once they have tried these lenses, they will not want anything else.

For Protection
For light-sensitive eyes, particularly for older people and those who have had ocular surgery (refractive or cataract), who need maximum protection!