Eye Health


This is a clouding of the lens of your eye. The lens is used to focus an image of what you are looking at on to the back of your eye, but in the case of cataracts the clouding causes the image to be blurred affecting your vision. Generally most people over the age of 60 years experience a degree of cataract causing blurred vision, glare from lights such as car headlights or the sun, and faded colour vision.

People under 60 years can also develop cataracts, although this is not as common, due to diseases such as Diabetes, certain long-term medications or trauma.

Initially the blurred vision caused by cataracts can be rectified using glasses, or a change in your prescription. As they get worse you may need to be referred to an Ophthalmologist to be considered for surgery to remove the cataracts. This surgery is mostly done as a day-case under local anaesthetic taking approximately 25 minutes and is a successful operation in almost 99% of cases.